Steroids and Recreational Drugs

I was away for the weekend with my family when I saw a email to my phone about a certain Youtube bodybuilder that was in a medically induced coma after a collapse at his home.

Not attached to any news, TV, or internet when I spend time with my family. I did a internet search on my phone using the person’s name. Not surprisingly I saw link after link with the words “20 vials of steroids found in bodybuilders home at the time of his medical emergency”. All I could do was shake my head. I read a few of the articles and saw that some white power, straw and credit card where also found however, that was a mere blip in the post. The real headline was the 20 vials of steroids…of course…

I don’t know what happened. I don’t know what this guy does or does not do. And I honestly hope all turns out well for him.  I think what most bothers me is that over and over throughout my lifetime I have seen a pattern of Steroids being blamed for everything under the sun. If someone was a cocaine addict, crack head, heroin user, alcoholic, or any other type of drug addict and they happen to use steroids then if something bad happens that’s what you see in the headline. It’s so frustrating.  If someone dies and a large amount of recreational drug were found at the scene, you better believe if they find steroids as well that’s what did it. It makes good copy. THEY LOVE IT.

A few years after high school I was hanging out with a few bodybuilders from my gym. These guys could have easily competed on a pro level had they really pushed themselves. It was the first time I had been around hard drugs. I had smoked weed, and even tried LSD in high school but cocaine and crack etc. never. These guys were steroid users and used to talk about it feverishly while snorting back a large line of cocaine then jumping over to a line of ketamine to give them a roller-coaster effect.  I really liked these guys. I thought they were cool. I quickly realized that most of the jacked guys in our local gym used hard core “party drugs”. It’s funny because most people look at muscled out guys and think they live a healthy life style…well at least when I was growing up that’s what most people thought.


Within the next 4 years both of those guys were dead. All from drug related deaths.

Of course there were rumors about the steroid use. The family’s refused to disclose the toxicology reports in both cases. They are buried right next to each other with bodybuilding images engraved on their tombstones.

People talk about “that’s what happens when you mess with steroids” and all kinds of other nonsense. It makes me angry but it shows how ignorant people can be.

So many times I have watched the news and heard the Steroids name drop about a particular athlete when the person is found dead or hospitalized. Finding out later they had a massive recreational drug problem.  You end up finding this out way later and after the steroids bashing and fear tactics are run all over the place.

In the recent case of the famous Youtuber no one knows what really happened. I’ve had someone pass out in front of me that never touched drugs of any kind in their entire life. That person was hospitalized and later found they had a hereditary illness.

Was that a lot of steroids?

So when I read the headline about the 20 vials of steroids I had to laugh. I’m sure the news room was creaming in their shorts when they posted that one. 20 VIALS!!! WOOOOW!!!!

Steeroid Vials

20 vials? Is nothing… When you’re buying steroids online or by a known vendor. You typically aren’t going to buy one vial. That’s such a waste of time and money. Typically the price comes down if you buy a larger supply, and if you are shipping it its more cost effective to get everything in one go round. Every bodybuilder I have ever met buys like this including myself. Then you have what you need for a long period of time.  20 Vials? Honesty not that big a deal. They make it sound like the guy is injecting 20 vials all at once. It’s very silly.

At the end of the day we all are putting our health at risk with what we chose to do. Mixing recreational drugs with steroids cycles obviously are not recommended. You are simply adding complications to a already shaky environment.  I like to have fun too. I’m no goodie 2 shoes. People that usually take the step to use steroids like things a little extreme. That includes me.

Let’s not use steroids as a scape goat for everything and learn more instead of throwing blame at it because it’s easy to do.

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